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Ryan, I thought it was pretty refreshing myself – God is so much bigger than what is going on around us!

on a side note, I loved that quote you gave… so true!

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lacy davis

i really needed this this morning,..i was arguing with hubby and felt so sad inside i was crying and our finaces are bad right now..please pray over our family

phoebe martin

Hi Lacy, everyone of us is going through difficult times. I very much feel for you, since my relationship is kind of rocky, coupled with bad finances.. I feel very anxious about the future.. But hey, God is good. I remember reading somewhere that the higher the barriers that we face, the bigger the rewards.. I’ll include you in my prayers.

For the record, I found the actual lyrics which are better than my paraphrase.

” all up and down the F.M. dial

they make songs about takin’ the wrong route

and yet men smile

Yet when trials and tribulations appear

“God this” and “God that” is all that you hear

You don’t see them runnin’ to them BMWs “


adegboyega olufemi


Debt Reduction

Thank you so much for your website and posting. I have Isiah 55:8-9 on the back of my business cards. Thanks so much. God Bless you!


Also notice that He doesn’t say that cable television, plasma TVs and three cars per household are “needs.” We get a bit confused on that one here in the US.

“But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that.” 1 Timothy 6:8


barely getting by

Okay, God is meeting my needs, but I cannot get ahead. (No money to go to school or start a business.)

Is this any way to live?


Unfortunately the Bible never promised that we would have a good life on earth… The Lord said that He would provide or NEEDS but He never said that He would make life easy if you trust in Him, infact he said that you would be persecuted. But my Mum always says to me, The Lord hires and fires, blesses and rewards, and holds you in the palm of His hands. He will never forsake you or leave you.

Also there are verses in the Bible that mention that if you are a friend of the world than you are not (basically the words are probably wrong) a friend of God. We are meant to be set apart from the way of the world, it doesnt mean we are better than it, it simply means that we have come to realise that we can no longer live without the help of our God, and we recognise that He is our King and our Lord and our Saviour, and therefore try and follow His ways.

Going through the molding stage in life is difficult, and sometimes it can leave you feeling like God is not helping you, but when you look back later in life, you realise that The Lord has been there with you through every step of the way, and you are better for it.

Trials are not pleasant, but then again this life is not the life we are meant to enjoy. We are meant to count our blessings though and be thankful that the Lord blesses us so richly.

Unattended installation of WordPress on Ubuntu Server

You can follow this guide by copy pasting commands in a terminal to set up WordPress on a fresh Ubuntu Server 16.04 installation with nginx, PHP7, MySQL plus free SSL from LetsEncrypt.

You will not be prompted to enter any credentials or details like in other guides, everything is automated. You can even skip the installation wizard.

Installation of WordPress on Ubuntu Server

This install tutorial assumes you have terminal access and are comfortable inputting commands This tutorial assumes that

if you qualify for all of these, you are ready to install WordPress! if not, you can head over to this guide on how to install WordPress for regular people.

now its time for us to install our software, for this we used nginx, PHP and MySQL. For those of you that prefer Apache, I will refer you to NGINX vs. Apache: Our View of a Decade-Old Question . For those of you who still prefer Apache, stay tuned for a future tutorial or refer to How To Install WordPress with LAMP on Ubuntu 16.04 .

now let's install PHP 7.2

first, we are going to add the apt repository and update it

next, we will run the command to install PHP 7.2 and the related modules.

after installing the modules be sure to restart nginx and php7.2-fpm services to reload PHP configurations

first, we are going to create paths for our websites source code to be stored, and for our log files

and then add the data by hand. otherwise copy and paste

let's test our configuration for errors

oh no something went wrong!

If you have some issues with nginx, never fear! There are plenty of ways to debug

we are now going to create a user and database for wordpress

ignore the warning that it is insecure to use passwords on the command line, and if you are curious on why that warning appears, refer to this post on Sarah Chofakian Velvet mules pTe38Q21

The first step to using Let's Encrypt to obtain an SSL certificate is to install the Certbot software on your server.

Certbot is in very active development, so the Certbot packages provided by Ubuntu tend to be outdated. However, the Certbot developers maintain a Ubuntu software repository with up-to-date versions, so we'll use that repository instead.

First, add the repository.

now we update the package list to pick up the new repository's package info

and now let's install certbot

now that certbot is installed, let's use certbot to install our SSL certificate for our domain

certbot will then prompt you with a message asking for your email address used for urgent renewal and security notices

then it will prompt you with a terms of service agreement, press A and then enter to accept

it will then ask you if you would like to share your email with the Electronic Frontier Foundation press y or n and hit enter

AST Dongle Value:
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Permítanme que les recomiende un libro. Se titula 'The Ideas Industry' y Klub Nico Womens Moxie Laser Cutout Sandal C4JhCYjIlX
es Daniel Drezner , profesor de Política internacional de la Fletcher School of Law y columnista de The Washington Post. Ha sido capaz de identificar una de las tendencias más presentes en el mundo del pensamiento y traducirla a palabras que todos podemos entender: los ricos están financiando una nueva clase de intelectual .


Esta reinvención del mundo del pensamiento también conlleva la reformulación de sus títulos. Ya no se habla de intelectual, que es algo desprestigiado, ese tipo de gente aburrida que nunca dice nada pragmático, sino de una denominación más atractiva: según Drezner, esta es la época del ' líder de pensamiento ' .

En este nuevo contexto, los análisis quedan en segundo plano, y el escepticismo y la crítica que eran propios de los intelectuales son relegados; lo esencial ahora es exponer una idea que pueda cambiar el mundo. Drezner cita a Sheryl Sandberg o a Thomas Friedman como parte de este elenco de celebridades que entretienen a los ricos y les hacen confiar en las enormes posibilidades de nuestro tiempo. “Otro mundo es posible”, ese viejo lema izquierdista que se popularizó tras las manifestaciones antiglobalización de Seattle, se ha convertido en un emblema del poder actual, cuya prioridad es transformar lo existente. Lo crucial es reformar, mejorar, cambiar e innovar y para eso les hacen falta figuras públicas que den pistas sobre lo que nos espera en ese universo radicalmente alterado. The Financial Times incluye en esta lista a personajes como el historiador británico Niall Ferguson , que se dio cuenta de que escribir libros para especialistas era poco práctico: el dinero estaba en el liderazgo, de modo que se fabricó una marca personal que le permite cobrar 75.000 € por una conferencia de una hora.